The Amy May Trust is formed on three pillars which underpin everything we do

We help and support Amy

Through the donations to The Trust, we help and support Amy through the long continual path of rehabilitation and care. As a family run effort, every penny donated to The Trust goes directly towards helping this special young woman.


We raise awareness

Amy's tragic incident has changed so many lives in unimaginable ways. Whilst doing our best to provide for Amy, we also hope that by raising awareness we may prevent this happening to another person. We aim to educate and raise understanding of the seriousness of nut allergies and the potential consequence of severe anaphylactic shock.



We raise money

To provide a public-spirited platform for fundraising, allowing us to provide multidisciplinary therapy for Amy in an attempt to continue to improve her comfort, enjoyment and quality of life.


The Impact

We've supported our fundraisers around the globe - from Las Vegas to Dubai and across towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom, while impacting communities locally and nationally to raise vital awareness on the seriousness of nut allergies.




Amy's Story and The Amy May Trust

Would you like to do something Amazing? 

Private donors cover our operating costs so 100% of your donation will go directly to helping Amy

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