The Moonlight Colourthon


The Moonlight Colourthon is a walking half marathon set against the backdrop of Southend by night. Walkers leave Chalkwell Park at 6pm and walk the 13+ mile course taking in the sights of  the Westcliff clifftops, Southend pier and the seafront, Leigh fishing sheds and back to the finish line in Chalkwell Park.

 The Amy May Trust team, the Moonlight Colourthon 2016

The Amy May Trust team, the Moonlight Colourthon 2016

For the second occasion, The Amy May Trust are getting together a team to take part in the Moonlight Colourthon, a half marathon walk starting at 6pm taking place on Saturday, July 7th.

The Amy May Trust last walked the Moonlight Colourthon in 2016, when a remarkable 47 people joined us. The Trust won a £500 prize for being the largest team by far, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the fun event. Surprisingly for many amongst the group, the 13.2 miles was not as daunting a challenge as it may have sounded! The route is interesting, and the atmosphere throughout is not competitive but hugely friendly and uplifting from people with a wide range of ages and sporting experience taking part.

Fundraising to the event, by the way of team members gathering sponsors, will be made through the Trust website and will be collated jointly as a team to reach a total. Sponsor forms will also be available for those that would like them.

If you would like to join us on this evening we would love to have you along. To register, the Colourthon organisation require a £20 entrance fee which will give you entry, plus their t-shirt and medal. The event is open to anyone over the age of 13.

In order for us to register as a group, we need to collect your details, along with the entrance fee required by Colourthon, after which we will then register each walker within the Amy May Trust group. 

Hope you join us!

Julie and Tom Martin.


For more information on this event, please visit the Colourthon website.



6pm on 7th July 2018, Chalkwell Park


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Here who is walking so far


Julie Martin
Tom Martin
Jack Martin
Mehram Sumray- Roots
Tory Lawson
Sharon Littlejohn
Julie Hollis
Kim Morris
Sarah Durden
Tina Wilson
Rachel Ward
Ashleigh Bannister
Danielle Arends
Lizzie Scott
Verina Weaver
Sara Baker
Gary Baker
Steve Aston
Laura Thompson
Christine Byrne
Ian Byrne
David Randall
Sandra Karslake
Claire McDonald
Helen Smith
Olivia Smith


Harry Williams
Gemma Green
Debbie Stennnett
Paul Stennett
Bob Hart
Tricia Hart
Jenny Hart
Donna Hart
Gareth Johnson
Tina Johnson
Hannah Johnson
Martin Jones
Erica Jones
David Stone
Amanda Balcomb
Bethany Hillis
Charlotte Waters
Sophie Nelan
Kieayna Shodeinde-Colverson
Mick Marder
Sheena Peirse
Kate Gaskill
Emilie Hunter
Alaina Hughes
Kelly Webster
Charlotte Patterson