The Petition


In late August 2017, following national UK and international media coverage of Amy’s tragic story, The Amy May Trust chose to formally begin a petition to contribute to the safety of travel to those with a nut allergy. The petition, which gained over 150,000 signatures in 48 hours, is calling for airlines to ban the sale of nuts on board an airline as well as give air stewards the right, under law or company policy, to inform a passenger with externally purchased nuts that they are not at liberty to consume them during flight.


Why are we spearheading the petiiton? 

We fully appreciate the vast majority of airlines handle a passenger with a nut allergy extremely well, yet at present, there is no policy or legal right to stop the consumption of nuts onboard. When an anaphylaxis shock strikes, medical intervention is needed, immediately. An EpiPen buys you time, but possibly not enough at thirty-thousand feet. At present, a passenger has full liberty to ignore the suggested advice from cabin staff and eat nuts purchased externally. Equally, some airlines (some caught out in the media) have been known not to make an announcement at all when a nut allergy sufferer is flying. We are petitioning to give air crew the right to stop, through the mechanism of banning, the consumption of nuts during flight.

We do not deny there are other serious alleges, both from the environment and from food, yet due to our incident with Amy, our petition is, and will only be, about nuts. Equally, we will not stop or deny someone helping the wider allergy issue.


A global benefit to everyone


The Passengers

Passengers are prevented from witnessing a horrendous anaphylactic shock occurring when flying, an incident which can easily be fatal within such an environment.


The Airlines

Airlines reduce the risk of an easily avoidable incident and backlash to a strongly-felt issue.


The Nut allergy sufferers

Nut allergy sufferers fly with greater reassurance and reduce their own risk of a fatality or life-changing incident.

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Anaphylaxis  / Noun /

Anaphylaxis [also known as anaphylaxtic shock] is an acute and potentially life-tthreatening reaction to an antigen, to which the body reacts.



What happens when someone goes into Anaphylaxis? We've asked a doctor from an NHS London hospital to provide us with a medically accurate and objective description of what happens when someone goes into anaphylactic shock.