Amy Update No. 5


Amy has now been in Putney Neurological Hospital for just over two months.

She has now settled well, and all the staff are very kind caring, and committed to the well being of all their patients in Clifden Ward.

Each week Amy is given a timetable scheduling each days various therapies.
For example, Physio, Speech and Language, and Occupational therapy, together with Music therapy. She enjoys all of the activities, together with the company of the therapists with whom she seems to have bonded well. They have lots of laughs together which is good to see.

Amy has had a Botox session, which left hardly any area of her body untreated. This was extremely distressing for her, however, the range in her arms has now increased which is very positive to see. She has had new hand, arm and leg splints made which are helping to straighten her fingers and to extend her arms.

We have recently learnt that Amy’s tracheostomy is unlikely to be removed during her stay at Putney. The reason for this is that her swallow at this time is not consistent, and therefore it is not safe to do.  However they are carrying out short periods of cuff deflation with the addition of a voice valve, this allows Amy to make sounds, which she enjoys doing in abundance. The team have decided to concentrate on this with a view to encouraging communication. We are desperately disappointed that the trachy will not be removed, as this was one of our biggest goals.

The atmosphere at the hospital is calm and the grounds are lovely, which allow us to take Amy out and enjoy the sun and a change of environment. Her understanding is apparent and emotional reactions to our conversations are relevant which is encouraging for us to see.

Thank you for your continued, wonderful support for Amy, and to us, it is so appreciated.

With love from

Sue and Roger.