Give it up


Get sponsored to give something up. In a world with so much distraction, giving up the simplest of things can be hard. It's got to be a challenge, but nothing too strenuous, please (like bubble bath). Instead, how about ditching the sweet treats, alcohol, social media or even talking? You could even give something up each month for a whole year?


Get those legs moving


Getting out the office chair and hitting the pavement or park for sponsored walk, run, cycle, or swim in Amy's name will be, simply, amazing. Many local areas put on 10K runs or half marathon walks. Or if walking isn't your forte, how about cycling from one area to another, or swimming an amazing distance? We believe in you!


Go for gold!


Sometimes, you just have to go for the best, right? Show the doubters that you do infact have a Superman 'S' tattooed onto your chest. From a sponsored Ironman, climbing a mountain, 24-hour sport-athons or cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats… whatever you do, after reaching these feet, your name will be in a hall build for legends like you.


Are you ready to challenge yourself? Let us know.

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Please include dates (if known), locations, is it a team challenge. As many details as you know.