Q. Am I allowed to use The Trust’s logo on painted material I've made to advertise my event?

A. Yes, we actively encourage the use of our logo on any externally created material. To request a high-resolution version of our logo, please contact us.


Q. Is there any merchandise to sell at my event?

A. At this time we don’t currently have any merchandise for sale.


Q. Do you have any publicity material that I can use?

A. We have a supply of information cards and collection boxes that we can send to you for use at your event. To request these materials, please contact us.


Q. I want to do an event to raise funds.

A. Brilliant, thank you! Please use our event contact form to tell us your idea. We will then contact you regarding the set up your own event page.


Q. Can somebody speak at our event?

A. The Amy May Trust is run purely by a couple of family members. Therefore, unfortunately, are unable to attend your fundraising event. However, if it would help we can give you a statement from us, thanking everyone for their hard work and explaining how the money and donations will be spent. Please feel free to contact us to request a statement. 


Q. Can The Amy May Trust promote my event?

A. We have a growing audience on our Facebook page, where the majority of our promotion is carried out. We will be delighted to post a photo and a link to our website on The Trust’s Facebook page, and (if desired) feature your event on the Events section of our website.


Q. I wish to take part in an organised sponsored event.

A. If you wish to take part in, or have a place already allocated in an organised event, then please let us know and we will be delighted to set up your own fundraising page on our website. This will allow you to collect sponsors through The Trust website.


Q. How can I send The Trust offline donations, or send my own donation? 

A. Thank you for wanting to send us your donations. Please send the monies via bank transfer to: 
Amy May Trust. NatWest PLC A/C 79659187 Sort code 60-09-43. If you send us a donation, please tell us. We need to thank you for your kindness.


Q. How is sponsorship monies or donations processed?

A. All funds received via The Amy May Trust website are securely processed via Stripe through their SSL Certified and encrypted service. Amymaytrust.com is also a SSL Certified and encrypted online service. The Amy May Trust receives no details of your bank account or credit or debit card. 


Q. What are your International Banking details?

A. IBAN GB14NWBK60094379659187, BIC NWBKGB2L


Q. How do I set up a monthly donation?

A. By setting up a regular gift you will be making a real difference to Amy life. To do so, please use our Trust bank details: Amy May Trust. NatWest PLC A/C 79659187 Sort code 60-09-43


Q. Why does The Trust not have a Charity number?

A. The Amy May Trust is a Legal Protective Trust benefiting a sole recipient, Amy May Shead. To qualify for a charity number, funds received via fundraising efforts have to benefit the public in general, or a sufficient section of the public as opposed to an individual, as in our case.


Q. How do I claim Gift Aid on the money I raise?

A. As we are a legal Trust as opposed to a registered charity, we are unfortunately unable to claim Gift Aid.


Q. Does the Amy May Trust pay salaries or take any fees from donations received?

A. Apart from the process fees taken by Stripe (our payment processor) all funds received by The Amy May Trust are used entirely to assist with Amy’s welfare or to promote and run The Trust.