After a nut allergy left her severely brain injured, the aim of The Amy May Trust is to help Amy through the provision of medical and financial support & fundraising as well as aid other through the education and awareness on the seriousness of nut allergies.


Amy needs your help after a catastrophic allergic reaction to a nut left her severely brain injured and with no compensation from the restaurant responsible. 

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The Amy May Trust is a Legal Protective Trust created to support the continual rehabilitation and necessary medical needs of Amy May Shead, a 30 year old woman who, in 2014, suffered a catastrophic allergic reaction after consuming a single bite of food whilst in a restaurant, after being reassured it contained no nut products.

Amy sustained severe brain damage due to the lack of oxygen her body received as she suffered a cardiac arrest brought on by an anaphylactic shock. No medical insurance can be claimed as her allergy was lifelong and therefore excluded from her policy. Furthermore, the restaurant responsible for this life-changing disaster held no public liability insurance, therefore no compensation can be claimed. Due to this, The Amy May Trust has been established to aid the continual and ongoing rehabilitation required for Amy to keep her life comfortable and maximise her future.

Costs are huge and continual. The support received by The Trust makes a real difference between progression being achieved, or not. 


Aims of The Trust


Support for Amy

To provide a public-spirited platform for fundraising, allowing us to provide multidisciplinary therapy for Amy.

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Awareness of Nut Allergies

To highlight and educate on the severity of nut allergies and the potential consequence of severe anaphylactic shock.


Friends of The Trust

To welcome and share Amy's progress and key moments with friends and supportors of Amy.