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In August 2017, The Amy May Trust formally begun our petition to contribute to the safety of travel on behalf of those suffering with a nut allergy. The petition, which gained over 150,000 signatures in 48 hours, is calling for airlines to improve the safety of air travel for those with a nut allergy through the restricted sale and distribution of nut products on flight, while providing cabin crew with consistent training and sufficient right, under policy or UK law, to inform a passenger with externally purchased nuts that they are not at liberty to consume them during flight.









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A global benefit to everyone


The Passengers

Passengers are prevented from witnessing a horrendous anaphylactic shock occurring when flying, an incident which can easily be fatal within such an environment.


The Airlines

Airlines reduce the risk of an easily avoidable incident and backlash to a strongly-felt issue.


The Nut allergy sufferers

Nut allergy sufferers fly with greater reassurance and reduce their own risk of a fatality or life-changing incident.



The story so far

    • EasyJet announces they will stop nuts from being sold onboard in a bid to protect passengers with allergies, as well as preventing passengers from bringing nuts onboard if there is a passenger with an allergy.

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    • Julie and Tom Martin attend second roundtable meeting, chaired by Airlines UK CEO, Tim Alderslade in response to The Amy May Trust's petition to make air travel safer for nut allergy sufferers

    • Our meeting with UK airlines and industry governing bodies chaired by Aviation Minister Liz Sugg, at The Department for Transport

      The Amy May Trust was welcomed back to The Department for Transport to meet with Aviation Minister Liz Sugg, alongside allergy sufferers, governing bodies of the aviation industry, medical experts and airline representative to discuss and explore the options for improving the flying experience for those who suffer from nut allergies ahead of the publication of a new Government aviation strategy, Aviation 2050.

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    • The Amy May Trust collate responses from The Travel Experience Survey

      The Amy May Trust internally published the findings of the Travel Experience Survey (launched in January 2018) along with a number of recommendations which will aid the discussions and address the feasibility of improving air travel for nut allergy sufferers ahead of the publication of Aviation 2050, later in 2019.

      Read the update and our thanks for those who participated in the survey
    • UK Government Launch the Aviation 2050 consultation

      The Department for Transport launched their green paper which outlines proposals for a new aviation strategy. The strategy has proposed improvements the passenger experience, which includes for those flying with nut allergies.

    • The Amy May Trust launch The Travel Experience Survey

      The Amy May Trust launches The Travel Experience Survey to obtain first-hand feedback from passengers with a nut allergy on their travel experiences with UK airlines

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    • The Trust meet with Aviation Minister, Baroness Sugg and Jo Swinson MP to discuss the Trust #NutBan petition

      Tom and Julie Martin from The Amy May Trust met with Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport and Minister for aviation, Baroness Sugg and Member of Parliament Jo Swinson at the Department for Transport to discuss the progress of the petition.

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    • Jo Swinson MP raises the issue of flying with such a fatal allergy while on an aircraft in the House of Commons

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    • The petition reaches 300,000 signatures

      That's the same as every single person employed by Apple, worldwide, across all departments, signing twice... and still needing 68,000 more signatures!

    • We answer your most frequently asked questions

      Read our responce to the #NutBan petition

    • 200,000 supporters

      That's the same as every resident of Northampton signing.

    • 100,000 supporters

      That's the same as every resident of Basingstoke lending their support.

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    • The Amy May Trust publish the petition

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Anaphylaxis  / Noun /

Anaphylaxis [also known as anaphylaxtic shock] is an acute and potentially life-tthreatening reaction to an antigen, to which the body reacts.



What happens when someone goes into Anaphylaxis? We've asked a doctor from an NHS London hospital to provide us with a medically accurate and objective description of what happens when someone goes into anaphylactic shock.