Just Twenty-Five Hours Later

Twenty-five hours after we launched this petition, we gained 100,000 signatures. We are completely overwhelmed, shocked, proud but also empowered to make a change. As the description reads, Amy’s terrible and life changing incident did not occur on a flight, but this unique mode of transport poses life-threatening dangers to nut-allergy sufferers. We can’t eradicate the world of nuts, and equally, nut allergy sufferers will continue to manage their condition with courage and, naturally, not let it get in the way of enjoyment of life - as Amy never did, as the fun, loving and full of life girl I knew… and continue to know. Yet, if we can make a change in one area of the environment which poses as a strong danger, then we would have all achieved something incredible. 

All I can ask is please keep doing what you’re doing and thank you for doing it. You are making a change, right now, and we will promise to keep this petition running, gain greater leverage to our cause and act upon it to make a real-world change.

Please share, post, email, text, call and talk to those around you. 

Thank you, 

Tom Martin
(Amy’s Cousin, The Amy May Trust)


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