Amy Update No. 1


It’s so good to be able to write an update about Amy on this great new site, it’s really good to be able to share with you all, that Amy’s surgery, a major operation three weeks ago, thankfully seems to have been a success. The surgery involved removing part of her intestine to alleviate a condition called SMA syndrome caused by massive weight loss several months ago. For the first time in many months Amy has not been distressed by as much pain and vomiting and is recovering from the surgery well.

She still has the tracheotomy and is receiving feed via a jejunostomy, but she looks healthier and her awareness and her understanding are increasing.

Amy is now 1st on the waiting list for a bed to become available at the neurological hospital in Putney, this is a renowned centre for the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a brain injury. Her move there is now imminent and after 10 months of residency at St Thomas’ Hospital under the care of the staff of the William Gull Ward – it will be like saying goodbye to a family when she transfers. It is, however, a very positive move and we will relish the opportunity for Amy to progress under such specialist care and further her recovery.Thank you all for your continued support, for visiting Amy, as well as the loving messages to us. It means so much.

With love,

Sue, Roger and family