We Have a Catch up with Phil and Georgie About Their Upcoming Marathon


Just over a year on after Amy May fell tragically ill, we are pleased to this week cheer on two of our friends who are taking on an ultimate challenge – the London Marathon. Former footballer and current manager of Southend United FC Phil Brown, and Amy’s Good Morning Britain colleague Georgie Squires are both running the 26-mile race on Sunday to raise funds for the Amy May Trust. Amy's friend Lindsey Bowers catches up with them to find out why they’re doing it and how they’re feeling as the big day approaches…

Lindsey: Why did you decide to run the Marathon for The Amy May Trust?

Georgie: I decided to run for the Amy May Trust because I was so shocked when I heard what had happened to her. My eldest brother has a nut allergy and I cannot imagine what the family have gone through. I didn’t know Amy personally but I know enough people to realise she is very special to a lot of people and so well regarded. I felt that any money raised would go towards a particularly important person and worthy cause.

Phil: I think the Amy May situation brings to my mind how cruel life can be and by running the London Marathon, for me readdresses the balance in life.

Lindsey: How prepared are you?

Georgie: Although I have had a sore knee (I injured it whilst training) I feel that I have prepared as much as I can. I am of course nervous but I am also really excited as I have never run a marathon before and it’s all new!

Phil: I feel well enough prepared but everyone seems to relay a fear to me about this “wall”. Being an amateur psychologist I am looking forward to this particular challenge.

Lindsey: For how long have you been training and how difficult have you found it?

Georgie: I have been training since January but have had weeks where I haven’t been able to run very much or at all. However I have recently done a few longer runs which have given my confidence a real boost. I am stretching as much as possible and doing lots of core exercises!

Phil: I’ve been training for 2-3 months but have suffered a little setback during that time with a hip problem … which will probably need replacing after the race!!!

Lindsey: What do you think you’ll be thinking about to push you through the last mile?

Phil: How lucky I am to be fit and healthy at 55 and running 26 miles to raise money for a great cause – “there but for the grace of god!”

Georgie: I think I will be thinking about my family and Amy and if I am sore and in pain thoughts of her will, I am sure, pull me through.

Lindsey: What will be the first thing you’ll do when you cross that finish line?

Georgie: I am pretty sure I will cry a lot! But other than that I hope my husband Ben and my family will be there to carry me home!

Phil: Sink a pint of your finest Guinness!