Since March 2015, your donations have given Amy...


...the ability to get to appointments

In September 2015, we were able to purchase our own vehicle for Amy, dressed in The Trust livery. The newly named AmyMobile is allowing Amy to travel to her physiotherapy and speech and language sessions, many other medical appointments and simply to allow her to travel out of her residential care facility to allow her to enjoy the day.


...the opportunity to have intensive help 

Through donations from the Trust, we are currently able to provide Amy with an intensive physiotherapy and speak and language programme, which works her to her maximum and progressively explores all avenues open to her.


All this has only been achieved through the wonderful donations The Trust has received, many in response to the 1693km Amy's friends and the public have run, cycled, swum and walked for Amy. That's the distance from London to the Atlas Mountains in North Africa.

But sadly, we can not afford for it to stop.