Have a tea party


Have some friends over, paying a donation each, for a fun night or day get-together. Sing, dance, eat cake, laugh and just have a great time in aid of Amy.


Show off your talents


We know, you can thank us later. Here you go, here's your long awaited reason to show your friends and work colleagues just how amazing you are at playing the xylophone! Or if your talent is restricted to unchallengeable knowledge on the 1900 Paris Olympics, how about a quiz night? Everyone loves a quiz (when we win, that is).


The big bash


Find a venue, sell some tickets and, whether it’s mass karaoke, a danceathon a comedy/band night or an all-out night of fun, laughter, food and music, get everyone together for a big, well... get-together!


Ready to host a party? Let us know and we'll give you a hand

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Please include dates (if known), locations, is it a team challenge. As many details as you know.