Through educational programmes, campaigns and media presence, The Amy May Trust raises necessary funds to support Amy May Shead while supporting its work to increase the public awareness on the seriousness of nut allergies.




Amy May and Her Incident

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Amy May Shead, now a 30 year old woman from the UK, suffered a catastrophic allergic reaction in 2014 to a nut after consuming a single bite of food whilst in a restaurant in Budapest. After being reassured it contained no nut products; having followed her life-long, rigorous endeavour to take the necessary steps to protect herself, Amy went into anaphylactic shock and suffered a cardiac arrest on a Budapest pavement. After dying for seven minutes, Amy was revived before spending over a year in the Hungarian and English hospital systems. Amy can no longer walk, talk or see.


While helping Amy, we’re on a mission to help educate the wider community on the seriousness of nut allergies. The Trust works to satisfy three aims central to our formation.


We raise money

To provide a public-spirited platform for fundraising, allowing us to provide multidisciplinary therapy for Amy in an attempt to continue to improve her comfort, enjoyment and quality of life.


We help and support Amy

Through the donations to The Trust, we help and support Amy through the long continual path of rehabilitation and care. As a family run effort, every penny donated to The Trust goes directly towards helping this special young woman


We raise awareness

Amy's tragic incident has changed so many lives in unimaginable ways. Whilst doing our best to provide for Amy, we also hope that by raising awareness we may prevent this happening to another person. We aim to educate and raise understanding of the seriousness of nut allergies and the potential consequence of severe anaphylactic shock.


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