Amy Update No. 6


Amy has now been at the RHN for 5 months and is nearing the end of her stay. Ultimately Amy will come home to continue her rehabilitation, but in the interim period will transfer to an establishment nearer to us in Essex.

The most important achievement has been the removal of Amy’s tracheostomy.  After the huge disappointment in May of being informed that this would not happen during her stay in Putney, there was a turnaround of opinion. With an enormous amount of effort from Amy, and a lot of input from her speech therapist Zoe, it was removed three weeks ago.  This an extremely positive step, and will allow important work to take place with food tasting.

After 16 silent months it is wonderful to hear Amy making sounds, together with her lovely laugh which is beginning to make itself heard. This is the beginning of the speech communication process. Amy is attempting to repeat words and is accurately sounding the number of syllables in a word. There is also a button on the chair headrest, which sounds “Yes” when she presses it with her head. This too, opens up a new level of communication.

The physiotherapist is working upon head control, which will allow the headrest on the wheelchair to eventually be removed.  Amy is periodically reviewed for further botox, and for renewal of arm and leg splints.

We will keep you informed when we ourselves have definite information about Amy’s next move.  In the meantime, as always, we thank you for your continued love and support.

With love, Sue, Roger and family.