A Summer Afternoon of Tea and Cake


My family have known the Martin Family for over 20 years. Jack and my daughter Sophie sat next to each other in class (she was the bossy one). I met Amy at Jack’s 7th birthday party, she was dressed as a pirate.

When I heard about Amy’s terrible, terrible tragedy I was completely shocked. Both my nieces have a nut allergy and carry epi pens, so it was something I could relate to. Amy’s accident has not only affected Amy but all her lovely family.

With the help of my sister Pamela and my daughter, we organised a Tea and Cake afternoon complete with a raffle.

The afternoon was a huge success and not only did we have a great time but we raised lots of money for Amy.

Below are a handful of the great pictures from the event that raised an amazing £1,000! Thank you so much to Christine, Pamela and Sophie, and everyone who joined for your amazing help and cake eating skills! 

The Trust