Doris Day For Amy May


When we were contacted by Heather Gourlay, a medical professional from Glasgow, we knew that she was planning a fundraiser with a difference. The theme was 'Doris Day For Amy May'.  All guests were invited to enter into the spirit of the gathering and come dressed've guessed it - Doris Day!

The event on Saturday was an enormous success, the sun shone and Heather organised a joyful, entertainment filled occasion for almost 50 people within her home which will be long remembered by all who were lucky to be there. 

Thank you so much to Heather, and everyone who so generously supported the event. A fantastic £2000 plus was raised during this innovative and uplifting occasion which will help Amy on her road of rehabilitation.

Heather tells us:


 "We started the day with a lovely letter from Julie Martin, and I hope I did it justice. You could hear a pin drop and we raised our glasses to Amy and her family.
 I had hired a vintage ice cream trike so with the warm day that it was this went down very well, the ladies then sang along with their wee song books. Sarah Laing the Doris Day tribute act cut her fee as she had also seen Amy and her parents on TV. My husband and his 3 friends served drinks...we had a dance off with all the Calamity Jane's and my mum won best outfit for being the only one in PJ's! I had laid on afternoon tea supported by baking contributions from friends.

The raffle had over 30 prizes from friends and local businesses who were all saddened by Amy's story and were happy to support. My nursing team provided a White Company voucher and we had a prize draw from the admission envelopes as a Thank you for all attending to win it.
It was an amazing day and information leaflets on The Amy May Trust and Amy's story were handed out within the song books distributed, and the issue of nut allergies really hammered home. The last Doris waltzed home at 11.30 pm and the days that followed have been full of positive feedback, such a very successful day, we were delighted to and happy to support The Amy May Trust."   
- Heather Gourlay.