Amy, Welcome Home


We have some happy and momentous news to share with you. Amy has now come home.

This afternoon, almost five years from when tragedy struck, Amy was given a wonderful send-off from the Marillac Care facility where she has lived for the past three years, to start a whole new chapter to live with her devoted parents, Sue and Roger.

A specially built and fitted annex on the side of the family home will accommodate Amy and her carers. A new stage of life has begun, living under the same roof as her parents rather than in a hospital or care home.

Amy has lived full time in three venues since 2014, St Thomas’ Hospital, Putney Neurological Hospital and Marillac Care, the staff from each treating Amy with great compassion, care and love and we thank the staff of all three of these facilities for their kindness - shown not only to her but also to her family and friends.

However, as we all know, there is no place like home or the strength of family ties, and absolutely nothing which compares to the love of a parent.

Amy, welcome home.

Tom MartinComment