Amy's incident in words, dates and numbers


14th April, 2014

Tragedy struck in Budapest, Hungary

1,100 miles

from home


19 days

in Budapest Intensive Care

11 months 

spent in St. Thomas' Hospital, London


316 days

spent in Putney Neurological Hospital, London

730 days+

in a care facility outside of London.


Delve deeper and discover more about Amy, The Trust and the incident


Amy's Incident

The tragedy that changed the life of Amy and the lives of many of those around her occurred on April 14th 2014 whilst she was enjoying a weekend break in Budapest.


Discover Amy

Amy has an infectious personality, which filled the corridors of ITV Towers, where she worked as an online producer for ITV Daytime. Amy still fills everyone who meets her with her infectious smile and personalty, even on the days when life becomes even harder. 


How the Trust helps Amy

Through the donations to The Trust, we help and support Amy through the long continual path of rehabilitation and care. As a family effort, every penny donated to The Trust does directly towards helping our daughter, niece, cousin and friend Amy.